>I too would like to see an ability to externally define variables and have
>and if I can't get that I'll settle for a /COPY like function to
incorporate standardized
>code.  For example at the end of every CL program we have a message
forwarding process in
>the event of a CPF error not expliciatly handled within the program.

 /COPY functionality would be wonderful, yet it doesn't replace other
required requests to bring the language up to speed.

>But even at that, a subroutine is just another call and a display file
declaration can
>give you external variable definition.

 I disagree that a subroutine is "just another call."  You can think of it
as a call from a program flow standpoint, but there are major differences
such as speed, global variables, initialization overhead, object management
to mention a few.

 I think we should stop making excuses for IBM and let IBM know that
despite the sizzling advances that will make the /400 cutting edge in a PC
market (i.e. Java, web serving), most of us are dealing w/ existing
application code that we will have to maintain and even add to for the
forseeable future.  Despite the wishful thinking / predictions of some, CL
and RPG are *not* obsolete.  The people and vendors that are buying,
writing and supporting application code on the /400 are expecting it to be
enhanced.  We expect the nuts and bolts to improve, more than (or at least
as much) as the snazzy GUI stuff.  If you look at the meat and potatoes of
the applications you'll probably agree that a GUI will not get your
invoices or pick tickets out any faster.


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