• Subject: Re: CL enhancements
  • From: Chris Rehm <Mr.AS400@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 20 Feb 1998 22:56:34 PDT

** Reply to note from qappdsn@ibm.net Fri, 20 Feb 1998 01:51:42 -0800

> I don't want to start anything with this, but I'm starting to get the "lazy 
> programmer" feeling here, where a CL wrapper around an RPG program might 
> with someone's lunch plans. 
> CL does what CL does, period.  RPG does what RPG does, period.  A solution 
> require both.  Just because one spends x hours solving the problem is no 
>cause to 
> whine about the fact that it takes 10x hours to implement the solution. 
> CL is an adequate language for it's intended purpose and RPG (the primary 
> is growing.  IMHO CL in an ILE environment with the newer constructs of RPG 
>can be 
> entirely dropped.  And maybe THAT is the intended purpose? 
> root

I am not sure I follow you. I think Mark and I both agree that CL is a
useful tool, but Mark would like to see it enhanced to include more
functions so that it would be more of an application language than a job
control language. 

Neither of us felt that CL programs were too much trouble, I think Mark
simply sees CL as more of a primary focus than I. 

Chris Rehm

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