• Subject: Re: CL enhancements
  • From: qappdsn@xxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 21 Feb 1998 11:03:11 -0800


My remarks weren't directed at you or Mark it's just that the thread had gone 
on long
enough with general "whining" and your post just happened to be the one I hit 
the reply
button on.

I too would like to see an ability to externally define variables and have 
and if I can't get that I'll settle for a /COPY like function to incorporate 
code.  For example at the end of every CL program we have a message forwarding 
process in
the event of a CPF error not expliciatly handled within the program.

But even at that, a subroutine is just another call and a display file 
declaration can
give you external variable definition.

James W. Kilgore


Chris Rehm wrote:

> ** Reply to note from qappdsn@ibm.net Fri, 20 Feb 1998 01:51:42 -0800
> <<snip>>
> I am not sure I follow you. I think Mark and I both agree that CL is a
> useful tool, but Mark would like to see it enhanced to include more
> functions so that it would be more of an application language than a job
> control language.
> Neither of us felt that CL programs were too much trouble, I think Mark
> simply sees CL as more of a primary focus than I.

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