From: Vadim Berestetsky

I assume you know the fact that you could configure WDSC to launch an
external browser, instead of using
the built-in one. I typically use this approach, just cuz WDSC's version
doesn't have all the features that IE offers
(and, in some obscure cases, it behaves somewhat differently then the full
version of IE).

I use an external browser when debugging JavaScript, Vadim, because I think
you have to.  And I occasionally use the external browser when things don't
seem to be working quite right in the workbench.  But most of the time I
like the internal browser because it's part of my workbench.  I can size it
and position it and all that good stuff.  I just don't know how to cause an
instance of the browser to pop up when I need one without actually launching
a file.

However, when I do use an external browser, I launch it from the desktop and
then manually key in the address (or more typically, cut and paste it from
the workbench).  I don't think I'm aware of the setting that allows me to
launch an external browser automatically.

So, this will also let you bring up the browser without 'launching'
anything from WDSC. Note, that Firefox and/or
Netscape are also valid configuration options.

Do you mean because I can just fire up IE from my desktop?  Or are you
suggesting that there's some action I can execute inside of WDSC that will
launch the external browser?


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