From: Mike Burdette

I believe I have my servlet configured in my deployment descriptor. Here
is my web.xml:

Yup, looks good.

Does this look OK? Now how would you launch it from the deployment
descriptor? I tried right clicking on web.xml and that did not work.

Okay, now expand your project in Project Explorer.  At the very top of the
project you should see Deployment Descriptor (you'll probably also see
things like Web Site Navigation and Web Diagram).  Expand the Deployment
Descriptor and you'll see a node for Servlets.  Expand THAT and you'll see
your servlet.  Now you right-click and launch!

This makes sense from one point of view.  "Normally" servlets aren't served
by name, they're served via this mapping.  Typically the serve-by-name
technique is only used during debugging, because leaving that flag on in
production is a great way to allow unauthorized access to your system.  All
someone has to do is upload a servlet into your WEB-INF/classes folder and
BAMMO they can run it.  Now, that ought to be difficult to do, but I can
understand why you would shut that off once you've gotten your project
firmed up.

However, at the very least if the project IS set up to serve servlets by
name, then you ought to be able to right-click and launch the servlet.  It
sure would help us poor grunts trying to use the IDE <smile>.


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