Hi Joe,

I assume you know the fact that you could configure WDSC to launch an 
external browser, instead of using
the built-in one. I typically use this approach, just cuz WDSC's version 
doesn't have all the features that IE offers 
(and, in some obscure cases, it behaves somewhat differently then the full 
version of IE).

So, this will also let you bring up the browser without 'launching' 
anything from WDSC. Note, that Firefox and/or
Netscape are also valid configuration options.

Hope this is of some help.

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09/21/2006 10:48 AM
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Re: [WDSCI-L] Debugging web applications in IBM Rational 
SoftwareDevelopment Platform Version: 6.0...

Mike!  Hold on!  Don't panic!

I've complained about this particular issue before, and I never seemed to
get anyone's attention.  Maybe now that it's someone besides me, they'll
listen <grin>.

Anyway, the short answer is that WDSC V6 took this feature away.  How or
why, I don't know, but whereas in V5 you could launch a servlet using a
simple right-click and debug on server, you can no longer do it in V6. The
last time I brought the issue up, I got the response that I could map the
servlet in my Deployment Descriptor and then launch it from there.

The fact that this means I have to keep my descriptor open when I didn't
have to before (not to mention having to map the servlet in the first 
didn't seem to make any impression.  The fact that every other type of
runnable item, from simple Java classes to HTML to JSP, could be launched
using a right-click also didn't phase them.

So, the long answer is that if you want to launch a servlet using a
right-click, you must map it in your deployment descriptor (under 
and then you can launch it from there, NOT from the source.  Otherwise, 
have to type the servlet address into the browser (or write an HTML page 
launch it).

Which brings up one other issue: does anyone know how to bring up a 
window inside of WDSC without actually launching anything?  Sometimes I 
want to type in an address to test something, and unless I already have a
browser window up, I can't do it.  I have to launch something.


From: Mike Burdette

Hi all:

Well, I made the move from WDSC 5.0 to WDSc 6 (Rational). Of course I
burned all bridges and opened up my workspace with WDSc 6 without a 

After creating multiple workspaces and trying several different ways, I 
unable to debug my web application in Rational at all. After creating a
new workspace and importing my existing projects, when I select my 
and choose to "Debug on Server", I am told, "Could not find a server to
run the selection." The next time I try to debug it, I am not given the
"Debug on server" option, only "Debug". When I select this, I am 
with the "Create, manage, and run configurations" dialog box. I select 
6.0 under configurations and it looks like a new config is being set up. 
am told however that : " The Enterprise Application must contain at 
one Application Client." However the only option I am given under the
Application Client module is the "Default" option, which is apparently 
the right answer, but it is the only answer you can choose.

I am frustrated, and tired of trying the same thing over again with the
same results (yes, I am living this definition of insanity). I have used
WDSc 5.0 for 2 years, and thought I understood how it worked, but I was
very wrong it appears.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone and can you offer any help? I
have followed the steps in the help section and tutorials of WDSc, but 
not getting the results advertised.

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