Have you created the same version of the test environment?  I know I had 
to use 5.1 test environment cause the 6.0 wouldn't work.

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[WDSCI-L] Debugging web applications in IBM Rational Software Development 
Platform Version: 6.0...

Hi all:

Well, I made the move from WDSC 5.0 to WDSc 6 (Rational). Of course I 
burned all bridges and opened up my workspace with WDSc 6 without a recent 


After creating multiple workspaces and trying several different ways, I am 

unable to debug my web application in Rational at all. After creating a 
new workspace and importing my existing projects, when I select my servlet 

and choose to "Debug on Server", I am told, "Could not find a server to 
run the selection." The next time I try to debug it, I am not given the 
"Debug on server" option, only "Debug". When I select this, I am presented 

with the "Create, manage, and run configurations" dialog box. I select WAS 

6.0 under configurations and it looks like a new config is being set up. I 

am told however that : " The Enterprise Application must contain at least 
one Application Client." However the only option I am given under the 
Application Client module is the "Default" option, which is apparently not 

the right answer, but it is the only answer you can choose.

I am frustrated, and tired of trying the same thing over again with the 
same results (yes, I am living this definition of insanity). I have used 
WDSc 5.0 for 2 years, and thought I understood how it worked, but I was 
very wrong it appears.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone and can you offer any help? I 
have followed the steps in the help section and tutorials of WDSc, but am 
not getting the results advertised.

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.

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