This is the worst possible thing you could tell me.  How do I do this?
Start at 1-800-IBM-SERV and work my way through the maze?


P.S. Just so you know, it looks it's trying to resize a tree layout.  It's
nested about ten or 15 levels deep inside of Composites and Widgets and
such.  Is there a way to try and set my workbench back to all defaults?

From: Violaine Batthish

Not sure if this will help, but ....
No more handles means that eclipse is unable to obtain a handle for a UI
component for display from Windows.  Every widget (ie combobox, entry
field, window etc) needs a handle from the Windows OS.
Generally this is cause by a UI component/plugin which is not correctly
disposing  of its UI element after displaying it.
If shutting down the workbench and rebooting does not solve the problem,
you should contact IBM support for assistance so that it can be determines
which component is misbehaving.

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