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Take a look at one of the security sites like http://secunia.com/ and
the advisories Pegasus Email over the years.

The link for WinPMail is http://secunia.com/product/5565/ and it shows
only one hit over the years, none unpatched.  You can compare this to
the other email systems pretty easily.  For example, OE6 has 21 hits with
8 not fixed.

Aside from all the sniping, I appreciate seeing this reference.  It *does*
say something for Pegasus, but not everything.  It's one thing to look at
history, but it's another to look at testing from an unbiased source, where
a test suite is set up and all products are evaluated using the same
criteria.  Certainly this type of testing would be almost impossible, from a
technical, time, and dollars standpoint, to do this thoroughly and
correctly.  Haven't any of the PC rags done any kind of testing on this?

Because this is a professional forum, I would like to comment that the tone
by a few people in this thread was unwarranted.  Red flags automatically go
up in my mind whenever anyone says "there is nothing better out there" with
no evidence/links to back up the claim.  (Have you heard the radio
commercial for a diet pill where the doctor says he has "the final answer"?
Yeah, he's looking to become a millionaire.)  I just don't respond slamming
the person making the unsubstantiated comments.

So, guys, this is a worthwhile discussion.  Let's keep it at a professional
level, please?

- Dan

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