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That's not coming from my opinion.  (Although it is also from
experience) That's coming from the Email Guru's.

Can you please describe your experience?

Sure.  My experience is I have never been infected with a virus from 
email.  I have been safe using Pegasus for many years.  Does that mean 
much to you?  I doubt it. 

Can you provide some links or references to these "Email Gurus" you speak 

Sure.  If I give you references to 3 "Email Gurus" will that convince you of 
anything?  If I give you references of 15 "Email Gurus" with that convice 
you of anything?  Is there one particular "Email Guru" that you will trust 
the opinion of above all others? What exactly will this accomplish?

Check it out.  Look it up.  Do some research.  After you find some
evidence that it's not the safest come back and let us know.

Give me a break.  Just because you said it, it's true until I prove 

No.  I didn't say just because I said it, it's true.  I invited you to find out 
yourself from any place or any one you trust. 

Sorry, if you can't back up your claims, or at least give me a
thought provoking reason WHY you think it's the safest, then you're just 

So according to what you say as long as I back up my claims or give you 
a thought provoking reason WHY I think it's the safest you are going to 
take my word for it?  I doubt it.  But here goes.

Take a look at one of the security sites like http://secunia.com/ and check 
the advisories Pegasus Email over the years.  

The link for WinPMail is http://secunia.com/product/5565/ and it shows 
only one hit over the years, none unpatched.  You can compare this to 
the other email systems pretty easily.  For example, OE6 has 21 hits with 
8 not fixed. 

Does that convince you?  Ok.  I think it's the safest because I have 
installed hundreds of copies of Pegasus Email in companies and not one 
PC has been infected  by a virus unless the person made a conscious 
effort to run an attachment in their email.

Does that convince you?  I doubt it.  You're asking the wrong questions.  
You should be looking at things that make a difference to you.

1.  Pegasus has been around since the early '90s.  It has had an 
excellent track record.
2.  The most popular email client OE6 Currently, 6 out of 21 Secunia 
advisories, are marked as "Unpatched" in the Secunia database.
3.  The capability of a user being able to compromise their private 
information without a way to protect themselves.
4.  The features and functions the program offers you.
5.  The ease of use.

When it comes down to it you are probably going to use either what you 
have been using for years and are comfortable with or what your 
company says you have to use.  I'm not trying to convince you to switch 
to Pegasus.  I answered the original email in response to someone that 
was concerned about spammers getting their information.  Pegasus is a 
solution that allows you to be in control.

If you do decide to practice safer email and give Pegasus a try and if you 
find something about it you don't like let me know.  If there is a feature 
you can't find let me know.  There are a ton of ways to configure it to do 
email the way you like.

If you just want to debate yours is better than mine I don't have time for it.  
Everyone likes something different.  Usually what they are used to not 
what is best.  Enjoy what you like.

Gary Kuznitz

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