On 9/4/2014 9:56 AM, John Yeung wrote:
Re: Partial laundry list of user rationale for printed output

Was this just an illustration of how difficult it is to get some folks
away from printed output, or does it also imply that your users have
been less resistant to migration away from green screens? And if the
latter, how successful have you been at migrating away from green

We are 100% green screen by the very vocal choice of our end users and
their managers.

The reason I ask is that the technical issue still remains:

Finally, regardless of how easy or hard it is to learn other UI
technologies and paradigms, in large existing systems, it's easier to
replace printer files one by one in organic fashion than it is to
replace a display file here and a display file there.

Granted, different shops are very different. Maybe in some places, it
is indeed easier to replace display files organically. I struggle to
see how that would be the case, though.

Display files tend to come in clusters, given the modal nature of our
applications which use them. There's a panel to enter the customer
number, a panel to verify the sold to / ship to information, a panel to
handle purchase order number and other ancillary information, a panel to
enter items, a panel to verify the order and a panel to ask 'are you
sure?' In this sort of environment, it's really difficult to extract
just one of those panels and make it a web page.

Printed reports tend to be less like that, but still the tendency is
there. No one wants to get their weekly aged trial balance on the web,
the delinquent customer list in Excel, the customer list in PDF and the
top ten dollar amount delinquents on their dashboard. All of those
reports are related, at least in the mind of the person tasked with
dealing with them.

The technical problem is less, but the procedural problem still exists. :-(

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