I'm not finding much value in our word-play,which includes the
word-play of the author(s) of the wikipedia article, which appears to
note a distinction between "recource records" and "subdomain nodes",
but never defines "subdomain nodes". A Google search of "subdomain
node" doesn't bring up a relevant definition either.

I don't understand why a wikipedia article cites ""
and "" as examples of "subdomains", then follows with
noting a distinction between "resource records" and "subdomain nodes",
when "A" records are regularly used to define the "west" and "east"
parts of "".

Mainstream hosting providers use "A" records to define "subdomains"
and offer wildcard certificates such as * for all
"subdomains" of You seem to have a problem with that. But

Charles suggested a 1-to-1 mapping between subdomain name and DNS
server name. Is that relevant?

I do agree with the wikipedia author(s) that resource records map to
IP addresses.

You and Charles appear to reject any association between resource
records (ie. "A") and subdomains. Okay, then what is your definition
of a "subdomain" and what makes it relevant?


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