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On Thu, 31 Jul 2014 21:40:35 -0600, Nathan Andelin
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Nathan called it a sub-domain (and you agreed)...

It's not a sub-domain it's a host. Only hosts can have IP addresses.

Charles, you appear to be talking about setting up "A" records (aka DNS
host records) which I would call mapping sub-domain names to IP addresses.

For a definition of sub-domains see:


I began learning about sub-domain names after having to pay what appeared
to me to be an outrageous premium for a wildcard certificate for *.
my-domain.com, where the asterisk refers to "all" sub-domains of a
registered domain.

Charles is correct, and in fact that Wikipedia article agrees. To

|A resource record, such a A(host), CNAME(alias) or MX (mail), should
|not be confused with a subdomain node. A subdomain does not point to
|any specific server location, while most resource records do
|(resource records that do not point to specific hosts contain
|specific data).

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