Earlier, I wrote:
Yesterday, I was having consistent failures FTPing files from our V4R4
box to our web hosting service. It would get to a point (anywhere from
8 to 16 megabytes), then then show an "unable to send" message, then
continue to sit there a while, keyboard locked, before showing an "all
connections closed" message.
. . .
The current internet connection from our office is Cable (and we're
within walking distance of the local cable head-end, assuming they
didn't move the head-end out of the building and consolidate it with
some bigger head-end elsewhere). Not by my choice (and I still use
dial-up at home!) because the bandwidth is neither constant nor
anywhere near symmetrical.

I just successfully uploaded the file from my Mac.
20630016 bytes sent in 10:30 (31.93 KiB/s)
Which tells me that the problem is most likely something with the V4R4 FTP client, rather than with the hosting service. The question remains:

Any suggestions from the AS/400 end?

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