Yesterday, I was having consistent failures FTPing files from our V4R4
box to our web hosting service. It would get to a point (anywhere from
8 to 16 megabytes), then then show an "unable to send" message, then
continue to sit there a while, keyboard locked, before showing an "all
connections closed" message.

It seemed to make little difference whether using active or passive
mode, or whether I deleted the target file in advance or not.

I did notice that frequently, the SSH session on the web hosting
service's server continued to count up on the file size for several
minutes after the TN5250 session on the V4 box was showing the
aforementioned messages, e.g., it might show 10M about the time of the
"unable to send" message, 12M about the time the FTP session crapped
out completely, and keep counting up until it hit 16M. Which suggests
that there's some sort of proxy involved.

I'm out of the office for family reasons at the moment, but when I
make it in, I'm going to try sending it from my Mac, to see if there's
any difference. And I'm also going to see if the web hosting company
can provide any insights.

The current internet connection from our office is Cable (and we're
within walking distance of the local cable head-end, assuming they
didn't move the head-end out of the building and consolidate it with
some bigger head-end elsewhere). Not by my choice (and I still use
dial-up at home!) because the bandwidth is neither constant nor
anywhere near symmetrical.

Any suggestions from the AS/400 end?

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