What I am saying is that if you have a new system,
before you install LIC on anything,
like you've done a D mode IPL into DST, try to start raid BEFORE
installing lic,
and if you're drives are all SSD's then the system will start building the
raid set,
quickly get to 99% complete, and hang forever.
We tried waiting for over two days on one machine.
If the drives are all spinning disks it will slowly count up and give a
valid % complete and it will successfully start raid and then you can
install LIC.

We duplicated this twice, on two different machines loaded with SSD's. The
third machine, loaded with spinning disks, was no problem.

To break out of the raid building we hit F16, went into other DST options
until we found one with at function key to power it off.

Rob Berendt

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