On Wed, Jul 2, 2014 at 4:45 PM, Roger Harman <roger_harman@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I have a process that just took forever with a vendor product
converting to XLS before running out of Java heap space.

That's indeed disappointing. Was this a commercial product? Was it expensive?

We wanted nice column headings and justification.

Not much to ask.

This is such a common task - why does it seem so difficult
to get a simple quick solution?

I don't know. I would also expect there to be plenty of excellent
tools for this by now, or at least a couple of world-beating ones that
everyone uses.

When you say "quick" do you mean quick to deploy (easy to install and
call, and perhaps customize), or fast-performing? I know Vern is
definitely after faster performance, but if you just need quick to
deploy, there's this:


Yeah, it's my little Python tool, but from the descriptions people are
giving about the other free (and sometimes even commercial) tools out
there, mine is not looking too shabby.

It doesn't run particularly fast, but it's probably better than the
RPG POI-wrappers out there. And it can be made to run somewhat faster
than it currently does (I haven't turned on row-at-a-time optimization
yet, which is probably needed for your memory issue; and right now it
tries to provide the fairly luxurious feature of automatic fitting of
column width to data, unless you specifically override it by providing
all the column widths).

John Y.

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