I'm trying to minimize clock time for a process - I'm using SQL2JXL, a free utility for putting results from a SELECT into an Excel workbook.

In this case, I generate some data for the last 28 days. It will go into 2 worksheets in the workbook, so I use SQL2JXL twice, then email the result.

It has the potential of generating 150+ of these reports. And each is taking 40-50 seconds on our development LPAR - so I had a run yesterday of an hour and a half. BTW, the SELECT statements take less than a second in STRSQL.

I want to shorten that, so I thought I'd submit this to a multi-thread JOBQ - what happened is that only 1 finished successfully. All the others seemed to be in some kind of WAIT in the QJVACMDSVR jobs - don't ding me on the name, please!

After an hour, nothing was happening.

We are on 7.1, I could see there was PASE activity in the threads for the QJVA* jobs - and the stack had references to JV9 - so we are probably running in the default JVM for 7.1.

I'm now going to submit these to a single-threaded JOBQ, yet see if things will go a little faster - and our production LPAR has maybe 3x the horsepower of our development LPAR, so it may be OK.

Nonetheless, I want MORE POWER!!


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