You don't know what amount of time I have to do this, and the constraints put upon me by my boss.

I know from long ago that starting JVMs is very expensive.

I do believe that once a JVM is started in a job, THAT JVM will be used - so I will not be restarting the JVM with every execution of the SQL2JXL command - that's Giuseppe Costagliola's command, by the way.

We will have to disagree about the flexibility of CGIDEV2 to OpenXML - the CGIDEV2 part, at least - that is very flexible, in my opinion. OpenXML? I am probably limited to text - can't seem to find a way to embed an image yet - maybe there's a way to stream it - the image will not be available to the people getting the email with the attached XLSX file.


On 7/3/2014 8:56 AM, D*B wrote:
- I still think it should be possible to run several jobs that all use Java without it locking up.
starting lots of JVMs stays very poor design and will burn down any as400 - maybe it might make IBM happy (or the custumor pulls out the plug of the as400)

- There is more than one right way - in this case, the right way is call SQL2JXL again and again in the same program - I believe that once there is a JVM in a job, that it doesn't do anymore initialization.
that won't help, even using pase it stays very poor design to start a JVM over and over again to do only little work. BTW: starting a JVM is most expensive on AS/400!!!

- So I really want to get away from the Java-based solution completely and go to using CGIDEV2 to write OpenXML - trouble that I have is, getting an image into the worksheet - saving to 2003 XML format doesn't preserve the image.
That's another work around with very little flexibility. It's absolutely no problem to use all Java tools of the world on AS/400 too, doing it the right way!!!


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