We have a full system save followed by full IPL to apply all of the PTF monthly. If management cannot have your system down for routing maintenance every other month, they NEED to approve a HA system.

If they will not, start looking for a new job as you do not want to be there when something fails and the backup is 6 months old.

Chris Bipes
Director of Information Services
CrossCheck, Inc.
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Management would like to minimize the IPL, PTF, and system save downtimes.
HA/DR Is out of the question.
Currently, I try to IPL Production every 2 months for PTF apply along with a system save.
The IPL and system save will probably go to 6 months or as needed.
90% of PTFs can be applied immediately without an IPL, however IBM does not recommend immediate apply for more than a single PTF.
Applying a large amount of PTFs immediately has caused issues in the past.
Permission has been granted for the PTF immediate apply, but I'm weary from previous issues.

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