Normally I put on a crap load of PTF's prior to restricted state and IPL.
I flag them all as 'delayed' to be applied upon the next IPL. In theory,
you should be safe this way. In practice, you're not. Let's say you put
on MF00001 as delayed and also SI00001. If SI00001 has some special
requisite of MF00001 then it may apply it now even if all you are doing
for SI00001 is loading it for delayed apply at IPL.
I've been burned. However, I will continue to do it this way.

When doing PTF's immediately you really should read the cover letters, all
of them. I won't take the time so I do them delayed. Let me give you an
example. Let's say you're putting on SI00005 as immediate. You ignore
the 'special instructions' on the cover letter. Therefore you missed
"This ptf can be applied delayed. If you apply this immediately you
should ensure that all users are signed off of 5250 because it will do an
ENDTCPSVR *TELNET and then automatically do a STRTCPSVR *TELNET." For
some shops, they may consider this disruptive.

Rob Berendt

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