As Steve said later, you can debug OPM with STRDBG under certain conditions.

STRDBG never runs STRISDB, however. I know, James, you didn't say that - just sayin'!

I was curious about your comment on ADDBKP, etc., being for OPM - so I looked at the help for ADDBKP, and it says you can't use it for bound programs.

This being the case, then the default DBGVIEW(*STMT) is absolutely useless, unless we can use the BREAK command in a debug session, then EVAL when it breaks - but I've never tried to do this - anyone confirm or deny?

I've never differentiated 2 debuggers as you do - I use STRDBG, making sure that OPM programs of interest are compiled with OPTION(*SRCDBG) or OPTION(*LSTDBG) - then it all works the same - looks the same, smells the same, it IS the same. Under the covers? I neither know nor care.

Haven't used STRISDB in 15 years, at least - it's part of ADTS, which is effectively sunseted. Is it even available anymore? Is STRISDB part of that abbreviated ADTS (for system management) that has some PDM and CL editing?

Random thoughts of a Tuesday evening!


On 5/20/2014 5:25 PM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
On 5/20/14 3:20 PM, Steve Landess wrote:
STRDBG is the ILE debugger. STRISDB is the OPM debugger.


From V2R2 through V6R1, STRDBG has always invoked whichever debugger is relevant to the type of program being debugged: the ILE debugger for ILE programs, and the traditional OPM debugger (the one with ADDBKP, ADDTRC, DSPPGMVAR, and so forth) for OPM.


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