STRDBG is the ILE debugger. STRISDB is the OPM debugger.

If the report writer is vendor code, you most likely cannot debug it with either debugger, since the template has probably been removed from the code.

If the report writer is home-grown code written in OPM RPG, you can use STRDBG to debug it, *IF* you have compiled (or recompiled) the programs with OPTION(*SRCDBG) or OPTION(*LSTDBG).

Steps for debugging with the green-screen ILE debugger:


2) Once the Display Module Source screen is displayed, press F14 to go to the Work with Module List screen to add additional programs to the debug session. Using option #5 on the Work with Module List allows you to switch between programs for setting break points.

3) Position the cursor on the line(s) of code and press F6 from the Display Module Source screen to set break point(s) in the programs

3) press F3 or F12 to exit the Display Module Source screen.

4) Then, from the same interactive session, run the report writer to debug the code.


"Hoteltravelfundotcom" wrote in message news:mailman.332.1400534082.31233.midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx...

I have not debugged in long time.
If I am running an option from a report writer menu tool, I want to debug
one of many programs
in this job all interactive.Do i use strdbg and then add dbg for each line
i want to see?
is there other ways of debugging?

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