This is green screen?

Do you have a command line?

If you do, you enter STRDBG and name the program.

You may need to say *YES to OPMSRC and UPDPROD parameters - careful if on a production machine!

Your program has to have debug information - and not just *STMT - that's no good for this kind of thing.

Do the STRDBG before running your menu option. If the stars are aligned, you should see your source. If not, you have to get the program recreated.

If you want to debug everything, just hit F10. If you know the statement where you want to stop, put your cursor there. Then press F6.

Set more breakpoints if you know where you want them. Then press F12.

Go into the menu and run your option. If you pressed F10, it'll stop at the first point of the program.Press F10 to keep stepping through - F12 to run until the next breakpoint (what you set with F6)

If you want to enter another program or procedure, you use F22 - otherwise, it just does the CALL without entering that code - which also has to have proper debug information.

If you do NOT have a command line, you'll need to set up an SEP break point - IF you have a current enough release - I think V5R4 has it, I forget.

I have my "17 steps to using SEP breakpoints" somewhere in these archives - it's not so hard as that sounds!!


On 5/19/2014 4:14 PM, Hoteltravelfundotcom wrote:
I have not debugged in long time.
If I am running an option from a report writer menu tool, I want to debug
one of many programs
in this job all interactive.Do i use strdbg and then add dbg for each line
i want to see?
is there other ways of debugging?

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