Well, you will get nothing if you type STRISDBG - it is STRISDB, as you said last.

This is a part of ADTS - Application Development Toolset - which contains PDM and SEU and SDA and all.

It's been around at least since v3r1 - it provided better functionality than STRDBG, which was around before then, with those ADD* commands and DSPPGMVAR stuff, as you cited.

ILE comes along and we get more stuff from STRDBG - it's been a long time, but I don't think we had an interactive environment for debugging in the old STRDBG. By that, I mean we didn't have the ability to step through code.

I suggest googling STRISDB - be sure not to add a final G!! And maybe even google STRDBG and STRISDB together - Jon Paris wrote something several years ago.

There is bad information out there, too - some site = allinterview.com - had lots of erroneous replies in this arena.

Oh - as someone else posted - probably Steve - ISDB means Interactive Source DeBugger - I don't remember if one could do batch jobs with it, mixed answers to that - it's just been too long. I think you could, I just looked and see a statement that includes "...servicing other jobs..." - the Interactive in the name is the environment YOU are looking at - the debug screens.

Ah - here is more from the help for the SRVJOB parameter (looking on a V5R3 box) -

Use this parameter to debug a program running in a job different
from the one to which you are signed on. It is useful for debugging
batch jobs, or other interactive jobs.

If you have PDM, I believe you should have this command - do a WRKCMD *ALL/STRISDB and see if it's there.


On 5/20/2014 8:19 PM, James H. H. Lampert wrote:
On 5/20/14 6:03 PM, Vernon Hamberg wrote:
As Steve said later, you can debug OPM with STRDBG under certain

STRDBG never runs STRISDB, however. I know, James, you didn't say that -
just sayin'!

I've never even heard of STRISDB. And the first time I tried to F4 the command, just to see what it was, I typed STRISDBG instead, and got nothing.

So, the obvious question is,

What's a STRISDB?


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