They now have the video available for viewing. I can download the handouts, but having issues accessing the recording. Let me know if you are luckier.

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Tried to sign up multiple times, but couldn't.
If there is a replay, I would like to watch.
Could someone send the info.

My current DASD should all migrate, I think.
These items were almost 1/2 of the entire P7 (155,000/300,000)
18 - 1794 177GB SFF-2 SSD w/ eMLC (IBM i) in a 5887 EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer
24 - 1962 571GB 10k RPM SAS SFF-2 Disk Drive (IBM i) in a 5887 EXP24S SFF Gen2-bay Drawer
4- 5913 PCIe2 1.8GB Cache RAID SAS Adapter Tri-port 6Gb

If I'm already on SSD for production, is there any reason to rethink the SSD strategy.
New SSD are 775 gb, 1/4 the footprint of my current 177 gb.
Does the number of arms still apply for SSD.
Currently 18, if I went to 775 gb SSD, I'd be only at 4 or 5 arms, would that be bad?

Also, does anyone have any expose to the new third generation eMLC SSD?
Not sure if is supported for i.


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Didn't you sit through either the COMMON webcast yesterday or today?
They're already working on Power 9 and Power 10. Granted, these will be a few years out.

Yeah, I'm not happy about some of the retirements either. Granted, some of our stuff was pretty ancient. But 5886's? I know, it's already been explained to me.

The used market is going to look mighty attractive to those who do not need the latest. With the glut of equipment from those of us who do.

Rob Berendt
IBM Certified System Administrator - IBM i 6.1 Group Dekko Dept 1600 Mail to: 2505 Dekko Drive
Garrett, IN 46738
Ship to: Dock 108
6928N 400E
Kendallville, IN 46755

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There actually was never a new drawer for Power7, 7+.
Is this correct?
5886, 5877 were all Power6 drawers.

I don't mean to seem negative, but some fairly new gear is becoming boat
anchors, quickly, and it's still under warranty.
We purchased our 8205-E6C in Jan 2012, still under 3 year warranty.
We retired all Power5 gear in Jan 2012, didn't have to, but it wasn't
worth trying to make it work.
Most of the P7 features we have were announced Oct 2011.
The 5913 was why we waited.
I just read that our 8205-E6C was already withdrawn from marketing, eff
I've never seen the retirement of gear so quickly.

Do I need to upgrade, not at this time.
No performance issues and still have room for growth.
All previous upgrades were done for both reasons, needed performance, and
growth, and system was maxed.

I like most of the all the new Power8 features, but not happy with upgrade
options and discontinuations.

What's beyond Power8 on the roadmap, nothing indicated?
One must really think before about forward direction.


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OLD! Haven't been sold for a while and NO 3.5" SAS drives have been
offered for a while. They came out with POWER6.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 4/29/2014 7:18 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

yeah, I didn't think 5886's were all that old. We have 5 of them on
just one of our servers. Four fully loaded with HDD's and one with
four SSD's

Rob Berendt

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