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Why I am focused on the logical is that Chris said it would "remain
unchanged". Well, OK, if you used DDS to create it, the DDS is
unchanged. But you still have to recompile it (or some equivalently
annoying refresh). And if you have to refresh it, then how is that
materially better than having to recompile an RPG program (whose
source, like the LF's, is unchanged)?

You can ignore my other post. The thread got split into sections in
my newsreader.

If the physical file is defined with DDS and you use CHGPF to apply
the DDS change, you don't have recompile the logical files. The
operating system takes care of that under the covers.

And if the logical has an explicit list of fields, and those fields
are not changing, the record format of the logical file will not
change. So programs which use that logical file wouldn't even need to
be recompiled though programs which use the physical file would.

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