7.2 will need a 70GB load source, and that means when you create it on the guest side you have to create it larger than 70 to get 70 on the hosted (or client) side. I have been using approximately 79GB when I create them, and they have worked fine for 7.2. Then if the others are significantly smaller, I end allocations on that drive to keep the I/Os more balanced on the spread of the I/Os across the drives


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

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I know that we covered this in a thread but I'm having a devil of a time finding it. I found it alluded to in

I have a guested system that is currently 279GB. And it's only 30% utilized. I am doing an unload/reload and I want the 6 "luns".

I figured that I'd make the first one slightly over 70GB (like 75 or 80).
The reason being that it is a very hard halt with the next version of OS, especially with virtualized disks, and IBM will publish the 'pad' needed for VIOS, etc.

~300GB - 80GB = 220GB
220GB/(5drives/GB) = 44GB/Drive
So am I better off having 5 'luns' of 44GB each, or,
220GB/(35GB/drive)~=6 drives of 35GB each and having 6 drives of a somewhat standard size?

Or refigure the whole thing since it's only 30% utilized.
279 * .3 = 81GB

80GB load source and how many of what size additional CRTNWSSTG spaces?
Cause you can see just how much wasted space I'll have with 6 drives of 80GB.

Rob Berendt

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