I know that we covered this in a thread but I'm having a devil of a time
finding it. I found it alluded to in

I have a guested system that is currently 279GB. And it's only 30%
utilized. I am doing an unload/reload and I want the 6 "luns".

I figured that I'd make the first one slightly over 70GB (like 75 or 80).
The reason being that it is a very hard halt with the next version of OS,
especially with virtualized disks, and IBM will publish the 'pad' needed
for VIOS, etc.

~300GB - 80GB = 220GB
220GB/(5drives/GB) = 44GB/Drive
So am I better off having 5 'luns' of 44GB each, or,
220GB/(35GB/drive)~=6 drives of 35GB each
and having 6 drives of a somewhat standard size?

Or refigure the whole thing since it's only 30% utilized.
279 * .3 = 81GB

80GB load source and how many of what size additional CRTNWSSTG spaces?
Cause you can see just how much wasted space I'll have with 6 drives of

Rob Berendt

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