This is possible ... and it may come to that. It kind of screws up the interpersonal nature of the mailing lists IMO. I like seeing who a message is from instead of having to guess.

I think there is a way to do it so that the email body still says "on xx
joe blogs@ posted" instead of "on xx xx@listsrvaddress posted"

But i think the "from/reply address" will be the listsrv address, or it
might be possible to set it up so the reply to address is the originator
and the cc is the listsrv's

I would prefer that Yahoo & AOL try some other methods first ... try a trowel before using a bulldozer.

They could have set the policy to quarantine instead of reject.

I think it was originally "do nothing" then instead of quarantine they
went reject. I wonder if thats because MS and others said "if you do
that then we will get thousands of stored mails going no where... better
to reject them so our servers just kick them back and we don't have to
do anything with the messages" infact it might even have been yahoos
mail bods who pointed out the problems with quarentine when their own
servers would have been hit will stored and unforwarded messages from
their own people using yahoo to mail to listsrvs.


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