Couldn't agree more! That is why the IBM I is in the plight it is in. I'm the oldest one in our shop and the only one some times that is willing to learn something new. Rest of the I'ers have 15-20 years' experience but didn't want to keep up. Now our system is being rewritten in C# and .Net and they still don't see the hand writing on the wall!

I've been working on migration and bridge programs using Asna's Visual RPG so I could get a foot in the .Net world and besides myself there is only one other person that has started to follow, the rest seem to still have their heads in the sand. I hope to retire in 5-6 years while most of them still have a good 10-15 years to go.

If we'd all wanted to get into an area that didn't change we should all be Ancient History majors!

-- Jim
Just my 2 cents

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Interesting post, reminds me of a guy 100 years ago, who said if they ever make me give up my horse for one of those new-fangled cars, I will not use it.

Social media is here to stay, embrace it, use it, or be left behind. The next generation of employees will know and understand the uses of social media, and to compete with this next generation you need to understand their thinking and how they operate. We have too many people in the IBM I community who don't embrace new technology, and after all people in IT are supposed to be change agents. Facebook, and posts about what you ate for lunch isn't the social media that I am talking about.

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