Just as an aside, you may want to review that hscpe user that you created. It requires special authorities.

See this document:


...and the instructions in Section 1.

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You may need to delete the hscpe user that you created and re-create it using this method. If IBM ever asks for pedbg information, you'll need it to be set up this way.

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On 04/01/2014 10:47 AM, Thomas Garvey wrote:

Thank you very much. That was most helpful.

I created the hscpe user (it did not exist on my HMC), and was able to view the log. (googling on this user ID, which I never heard of before, I also found out
that only the hscpe user is permitted to see the log even when using the terminal directly. No wonder it kept blocking me when signed on with hscroot (which I thought could do everything on the HMC).
Apparently not.

You are correct that the entries are not very informative and, when dug into, tell me the same thing the original message said: an internal error in licensed code.

Thanks again.

Pressing on,

Thomas Garvey

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