Hi, Rich

Wish I had good news for you but I've been in your situation and despite many emails and phone calls, it turns out that there isn't a phone number to call specifically about Fix Central availability or usability issues.

What I DID discover is that if you call the 800 number and open a PMR and ask for it to be opened as a "SEV 1" giving the reason that "the production site is apparently down", then you get live-transferred to a real human (who will not be able to help you at all if they even speak passable English) **BUT** you can then say the magic phrase, "Let me speak to the Duty Manager, please" and that will get you results.

I can tell you that there is a planned outage tomorrow for Fix Central. The main page has a banner that reads

There is a planned maintenance outage on Thurs, 24 Apr. 2014 from 2:00 a.m. to Thurs, 24 Apr. 4:00 a.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT). Some Fix Central pages may encounter errors due to some of the translation services being off line for maintenance."

...so you need to get your results today.

Additionally, if you do ever get the FTP links in an email, I have found that a download accelerator speeds things up drastically. I use the free version of Download Accelerator Plus (DAP) and open 5 connections. Even if the download gets interrupted, you can restart it and it will pick up the download where it left off. You have to put up with advertising but it is worth it in my opinion. Much faster than any other method for me.

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On 04/23/2014 9:45 AM, Rich Loeber wrote:
For many reasons, using the FTP option to get PTFs works much better for
me. So, after failing to get any response over the Easter weekend, I
tried again late yesterday. The order when through without a hitch but I
never received the notification via email that the PTFs were ready to be
picked up.

Is this really broken? Or, is it just me? I got V5R4 PTFs with no
problem about a week ago this way.

I've started a session using the download from a java enabled browser, but
it is telling me that the first PTF group I ordered is going to take 21
hours and this is just the first of several that I need to order. If I
had the FTP alternative, I could access the PTFs from another site that
has a larger pipe and then bring them here on a memory stick.

Does anyone know if there is a phone number where you can call to at least
find out what's going on?

Rich Loeber - @richloeber
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