On 20-Mar-2014 14:21 -0700, Sam_L wrote:
I ran the RTVDIRINF command and <<SNIP>>

A couple of things jumped out:

Directory /instancecache/relationships has 10,887 stream files.
Directory /instancecache/resources has 10,727 stream files.

They <ed: the directories> take about 85 mb each, and seem to be all
.XML files. They appear to be IBM created, having a line like this at
the beginning:

schemaVersion="2.0" modelVersion="6.3.0"

Does anyone else have files like this? What have you done about them?
If anything…

The naming clearly identifies the directories as /cache/, so whatever feature presumably manages that data store is likely similar to other cache implementations whereby they generally can be ignored and assumed to be beneficial to the performance of the feature; and at merely 85MB each, they would seem to be of little concern regarding storage. With regard to what feature owns that data, the most telling would probably be the owner of the files and directories. Perhaps the following?:

SWAG: Searching instance cache in the InfoCenter yields among the results:
_Setting up content and language negotiation for HTTP Server_
"Content negotiation for an HTTP Server instance can be set up using the IBM® Web Administration for i interface. Content negotiation is defined as the process where the client provides a set of preferences (such as language) to the server, and the server finds the best resource match to those the client prefers.
8. Optional: If necessary, select Allow content-negotiated documents to be cached.

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