On 27-Mar-2014 07:02 -0700, Pete Massiello - ML wrote:
The difference between a BRMS and Go SAVE 21, is just one item,
the SAVLIB command. BRMS uses two SAVLIB commands of *IBM & *ALLUSR
which can be done while not in a restricted state, but GO SAVE 21
stays restricted the entire time and uses *NONSYS (which is
essentially *IBM & *ALLUSR). Note that you can't use a BRMS backup to
do a GO RESTORE 21, but you could use the *NONSYS to get both the

FWiW: As I recall, one big difference between *IBM + *ALLUSR and *NONSYS, is that the former does not save any libraries that start with the letter 'Q' that are not also "IBM" libraries [but library QRECOVERY is purposely omitted from both, because the contents of that library are intended never to be included in B&R]. Any non-IBM libraries that have the 'Q' as prefix need to be saved in separate\additional save request(s) when using the combined *IBM+*ALLUSR to make that backup approach the completeness provided by the *NONSYS performed via the GO SAVE Option-21.

Although stripped from my reply, the backup items shown in the OP did include the library QMPGDATA as part of an additional save request, so that requirement may be understood already.

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