I do not have this directory on our main ERP lpar. This lpar has been
around since day 1 of our history of IBM i and it's forerunners.
But I did check an lpar that was created under 7.1. It runs just Domino.
It has this directory. And each of those subdirectories has about 11,000
VERY SMALL entries. But the whole directory size is only about 80+MB.
I suspect an error with your SQL.
Try drilling into it with iNav or EDTF '/instancecache/resources'

Job 134053/ROB/QSJSENDER started on...

Home directory . . . . . . . . . . . . . . : /home/ROB

WRKLNK '/home/ROB/instancecache/*'
Ok, so I DO have this directory on my older lpars also. Again, a bunch of
very small files.

11,000 files * 8k/file / 1000M/K = 88MB

If you'd like me to mail you a dime for the amount of disk space that uses
please send a self addressed stamped envelope. :-)

Rob Berendt

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