On 20-Mar-2014 07:10 -0700, Gad Miron wrote:
I've added the NumberOfPackages Registry entry but to no avail.
(perhaps it is not used in SQL Server 2012) <<SNIP>>

The referenced instructions also included "Recreate packages". From an IBM DB2 for i SQL perspective, that would be accomplished by [optionally making backup of and then] deleting the associated SQL package(s), i.e. CL command DLTSQLPKG or SQL statement DROP PACKAGE, performed on\against the server.

P.S. Perhaps [un]noticed, but the email [or news] client used for the above quoted reply apparently truncated the original "Subject:" line at ~60 bytes. That /reply/ also appears as a /new message/ in the archives. My reply keeps the new\shorter subject. Seems kinda daft that the client software would allow composing a subject line of ~76 bytes, but can not even maintain that same subject line in a "Reply"; though perhaps the reply was composed with a different client that suffers such a debilitation.

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