Thanks Chuck , Jack

I've found that the SQL Packages were not creared in the first place due to
lack of authority.
once authority was granted I've managed to successfuly configure the Linked
and it is working fine (so far).

Thanks again

1. Re: The maximum number of statements has been reached for the

message: 1
date: Thu, 20 Mar 2014 11:33:12 -0700
from: CRPence <CRPbottle@xxxxxxxxx>
subject: Re: The maximum number of statements has been reached for the

On 20-Mar-2014 07:10 -0700, Gad Miron wrote:
I've added the NumberOfPackages Registry entry but to no avail.
(perhaps it is not used in SQL Server 2012) <<SNIP>>

The referenced instructions also included "Recreate packages". From
an IBM DB2 for i SQL perspective, that would be accomplished by
[optionally making backup of and then] deleting the associated SQL
package(s), i.e. CL command DLTSQLPKG or SQL statement DROP PACKAGE,
performed on\against the server.

P.S. Perhaps [un]noticed, but the email [or news] client used for the
above quoted reply apparently truncated the original "Subject:" line at
~60 bytes. That /reply/ also appears as a /new message/ in the
archives. My reply keeps the new\shorter subject. Seems kinda daft
that the client software would allow composing a subject line of ~76
bytes, but can not even maintain that same subject line in a "Reply";
though perhaps the reply was composed with a different client that
suffers such a debilitation.

Regards, Chuck

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