On 11-Mar-2014 11:55 -0700, Scott Klement wrote:

I have a network server application where users sign on. The
application uses QSYGETPH & friends to validate the userid/password
and run under the users authority. This all works great.

Recently, we've had a need to also update the user's last "sign-on"
date when they sign on. Although QSYGETPH updates the profile's
last-used date, and resets the invalid sign-ons to 0, it does not
update the last sign-on date.

Does anyone know if there's a way, programmatically, to update the
last sign-on date for a user profile?

Various utilities rely on this last sign-on date -- and with users
signing on to the network server instead of 5250, it is causing
problems that it does not update the sign-on date.

_Change Previous Sign-On Date (QSYCHGPR) API_
The Change Previous Sign-On Date (QSYCHGPR) API changes the previous sign-on date and time to the current date and time for the user profile that is currently running. If a user has been swapped in using the Set Profile (QWTSETP) API, that user's previous sign-on date and time is the one that gets changed.

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