I'm pretty sure we have this setting correct (update FSP from HMC, not from OS PTF's), but I can't find the 'HMC Change Internal Code Wizard' you referenced. I presume you mean from the HMC, but can't find anything like that as a selection.

I tried starting the ASMI but can't get past the sign in panel. It keeps saying Invalid User ID or password. There is a small User Status list showing that shows User ID dev as disabled, and celogin as the only enabled user. Who would have done that?

Presuming the setting is correct, how does one order the FSP updates? Do they automatically come with the HMC code?

Pressing on,

Thomas Garvey

On 3/11/2014 3:01 PM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
So how do you know if your HMC is controlling firmware Licensed Internal
Code (LIC) updates? You
can determine this in two ways. The first is to start the HMC Change
Internal Code Wizard. The i5/OS
has firmware (LIC) update control if you receive this message: "The
requested action is not allowed.
One or more targets are configured for LIC updates through the operating
system." The other way is to
issue the lslic command from the HMC Command Line Interface. The HMC
controls firmware updates
if the command returns "management status" as "enabled."

Changing firmware update policy

Updating firmware on IBM System i5 and eServer i5 servers
On an i5 server, a firmware update can be initiated from either the HMC or
the operating system. Firmware updates for IBM System i5 and eServer i5
servers are delivered by the program temporary fix (PTF) process. For more
information, see Getting fixes in the Service and support topic.

To perform this operation, your authority level must be one of the
•Authorized service provider
To change the firmware update policy, perform the following task:

1.On the ASMI Welcome pane, specify your user ID and password, and click
Log In.
2.In the navigation area, expand System Configuration.
3.Select Firmware Update Policy.
4.Select the appropriate source from the selection list.
5.Click Save settings to complete the operation.

Rob Berendt

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