We were having trouble with our TS2900 Tape Library... couldn't vary on or off, couldn't access via web; so partition was powered down and Power 7 system powered off remotely via our HMC.

Power7 system was powered backed on and partitions activated, but now we couldn't access the system (no pings, no client access, etc.) however no serviceable events on Power 7 box.

The HMC had the Serviceable Event and reported a _PRIMARY T-SIDE Code Level 01AL730 Not Compatible_ error.

So we contacted IBM and they think the Power 7 was somehow IPLing from Permanent side, not temp side, and HMC was not compatible with it. As far as we can tell, we had applied all PTFs permanently, so what would the difference be if no PTF's were still temporary?
And any updates were done over a year ago, and system had been up and down since then with no problem. No HMC updates have been done either.

Anyway, IBM says latest HMC is v7.7 (we have v7.2.0) and we should do a recovery/upgrade from DVD's ordered from Fix Central.

So, I'm wondering if I may also need an FSP upgrade. I have always been confused about the correct sequence of FSP, HMC, and OS upgrades. How do I know if I need an FSP update? The Fix Central stuff I can see is so confusing, I can't tell.

What do I order on DVD to just bring everything (OS, FSP, and HMC) up to the latest, and what sequence do I perform the updates?

We may still have a hardware issue (the tape library) after any software updates as well.

Thanks for any advice.

Tom Garvey

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