Are the optical platters old images ? What type of business ?

In most cases you shouldn't need to have more than 7 years online.

Does CM support restoring to the standard IFS structures or only virtual optical ?

Just get ready for SLOOOOW IFS backup times after restoring millions of images unless the Virtual Optical blobs are easier to back up.

You'll probably want a backup strategy where you don't back up the non-changing stuff very often since it should be static.

We have customers using our WebDocs software where we have replaced CM installations and they can now store all their images on inexpensive NAS/SAN disk and can access them directly via NFS shares from the SAN.

Before you go through all the labor of loading up OLD docs make sure the compliance laws say you have to have them.

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message: 5
date: Sat, 1 Mar 2014 19:52:33 -0500
from: "franz400" <franz400@xxxxxxx>
subject: Re: appliance and cloud backup

We do not have BRMS, but that is in the plan.
The 2 partitions are currently 750Gb and 2.3Tb with an additional 1.5 Tb of
to be restored soon (using Content Manager for images, and
converting what's on optical platters to virtual optical ).

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