On 01-Feb-2014 09:57 -0800, Luis Rodriguez wrote:
CHGJOB DECFMT(*BLANK) changes the decimal <ed: point\separator from
a> comma to a period. CHGJOB DECFMT(*SYSVAL) returns things to their
original format.

To be clear, the latter CHGJOB sets the decimal format to whatever is the QDECFMT setting, not necessarily to "their original format"; i.e. their original format may have been set by CHGJOB or otherwise from something other than the system value.

Luis (who lives in Caracas, Venezuela, where they use a comma for
decimals and have to keep changing gears often when corresponding
with their American friends :) )

Feeling a requirement to dumb-down to your "American friends" for something so mundane should give pause; to contemplate their value in that capacity. If they make you feel they require that of you, are they really worth the effort? <asked only somewhat jokingly> If they do not understand, perhaps the time has come that they should learn, that not all of the world is homogeneous with regard to numeric string presentation; not that you need to teach them, but neither should you feel any need to insulate them from life's realities :-) Doubtful that they are being so kind to you, generally, as to write their numeric values within expressions such that they are compatible with your settings; e.g. the SQL scalar SUBSTR() expression being written as SUBSTR(field,pos,len) instead of being written as SUBSTR(field, pos, len) [i.e. a space after each comma] to allow the expression to be parsed without errors *for you*.

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