Those are cool; it's even more fun with a thermal imager:

Although, the price is rather restrictive on those.

I'd certainly get those breakers sorted out; you really have to wonder how hot those are on a nice summer day. Wonder what "they" were thinking undersizing the feeder breakers? Or is it more of a cascading failure situation?

There has been talk (for the past 9 years I've been here) about separating cold and hot aisles; to the point of covering the cold aisles forcing all the air through our cabinets in the datacenter, and having doors to all of the cold aisles. I think I've seen some builds like that in the Telect or Chatsworth catalogs; but again, looks expensive.
Looks cool here:
But here's what we've got for now:


On 1/30/2014 6:15 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Man, one of those laser temperature guns like below:
Really shows you where your computer room hot spots are.

I really think it would be more efficient if we ducted our racks.

I should probably also be concerned that the breaker boxes on the loading
dock shows a few breakers well over 80o when the ambient temperature
surrounding them is under 60o.
These breakers control HVAC units on the roof. Another concern about
these is that when they blow they don't blow their individual breaker.
They blow the breaker which feeds their breaker box. Which also happens
to feed our computer room UPS. See my concern?
This breaker is a special one you will never see in a home application.

Rob Berendt

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