To add to this, upon trying to install the LIC to the last remaining disk, I get:


On 01/18/2014 04:34 PM, Clay Carley wrote:

Sadly I've had my 9406-170 off for a few months, as I haven't had a lot
of spare time to work with it.

Today I figured I'd finally IPL it and start working with it again.
Unfortunately there seems to be a failure inside the box, and I've spent
the afternoon trying to track it down.

The system is dog slow. I'm attempting to IPL from tape (again), and
it's still sitting there. Earlier I tried restoring the LIC, however it
complained that the 2 disks in the mirror set were missing, and I wasn't
seeing the proper number of disks after pulling those two. At this
point I have 1 disk in the box, and that didn't seem to help.

First IPL failed with code 27489010, which after looking up, doesn't
sound good. "2748 xxxx It may indicate a system bus failure."

Will a dead cache battery cause this incredibly dreadful performance?
Or, is it possible that my RAID card is suffering some failure that the
system hasn't quite recognized yet?

Thankfully, I have good backups in any case.

Thanks for any tips,
Clay Carley

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