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The cat 5 cable has been a cable I use on a daily basis, and tested with a Fluke after I didn't see anything on the terminal. The splitter is the one that came with the 3476, however it's a refurbished unit that didn't come with a manual at all. I was surprised it came with the splitter & power cable! The 4-port brick is connected to the 9-pin connector on the correct card according to the manual I found from IBM. And, the twinax balun is plugged into port 0 on the brick.

I did some more testing today, and after some info from DrFranken, looking at what the panel was telling me it seemed to indicate that perhaps the drive in slot 1 had failed. Pulling that drive, I now get a new code with the attention light: B1014504, which attempting to decode I found "load source failed or not found". Putting any disk in slot 1 causes the 675A3200 src to appear, but moving that drive to another slot does not cause that src to show up.

I'm guessing that the drives were zeroed out from the previous owner (well, probably a couple of owners back anyway).

Again, I really appreciate everyones help!

Clay Carley

rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
It's been a decade or so since I've used twinax so I can't remember much about that crap, like if the cursor is in the top right does that mean the terminal is connected ok but the system isn't ready for it?
Obvious question: Is the brick connected to your 170?
Are you using the 0 port on the brick?
How was your Cat 5 test performed? Did you use the same pair of baluns and wire on another midrange product? Was the wire attached via RJ jacks or hard wired in? If hardwired, do you have the polarity right?

is the twinax splitter the one that came with the 3476? Ones manufactured for other models often are not interchangeable.

Couldn't quickly find a manual for the 3476 online.

Rob Berendt

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