Hi Rob (and everybody),

Thanks for that link; I had found other documentation but not that particular one yet.

I was able to get the console connected, and although I believe I did the connection and configuration correctly, this is still my first time working on this type of hardware. In any case, I still saw nothing on screen but a cursor on the top right.

The 3476 is set to address 0
One side of the twinax splitter is plugged into port 0 on the 4-port twinax brick (does the other side need a terminator?)
I used a balun on the splitter, connected to a cat-5 cable (tested, works) to a balun on the 4-port twinax brick.

I'll be working on troubleshooting the failed device; please tell me though if my console connection is incorrect.

I very much appreciate the assistance so far,
Clay Carley

On 01/17/2013 07:54 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I humble and prostrate myself in front of the likes of DrFranken and his
ilk but I do not believe that opening the machine will aid you in
determining which drive is bad - other than an obvious bullet hole through
the drive. Or horrific screeching sound indicated by heads dragging on
A 675A error is part of the "I/O Processor and I/O Adapter Reference
Codes". That page says that the 3200 indicates "A tape/CD or disk device
reported a failure" and references these next steps: FI01105, STORIOA,
IOP, MEDIA. These, I believe, qualify as "Symbolic FRUs", (except for the
FI01105). But basically drilling around may have you go through Problem
Isolation Procedures (PIP) to determine the failing unit. For example
“SDIOP-PIP16” on page 311.

Rob Berendt

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