Until you get the cursor to go Upper LEFT you have no console. HOWEVER, that will NOT happen immediately! Also it happens after the Twinax card boots up far enough to communicate. With your failed disk my memory tells me that won't happen at all. We need to fix the disk problem and get some code to the card.

If you get the yeller light and the system halts can you press UP (to 13) and press ENTER then report that number? Repeat for 14, 15, 16, etc until you run out of numbers? Those numbers can help tell which disk unit has lost its bits.

Twinax notes:
-Address is correct.
-Port 0 on the 4 port brick is correct.
-CAT 5 cable is fine, if it works with Ethernet or tested with a Fluke, etc, it's good enough (Twinax is 1Mb speed :-) )
-Cursor in the upper right means no communication between the terminal and the Twinax controller card. (Upper LEFT means they are talking but have nothing to 'say' (display))
-Verify the Baluns are identical, for example pins 4/5 or 3/6, usually this is printed on the Baluns. Just because they are the same brand doesn't mean they are the same.
-Visually check the pins on the Baluns to be sure they aren't bent, broken, or too short.
-You SHOULD only be able to connect the Baluns ONE WAY (there is a key) but I have seen them forced in the wrong way (rotated 180 degrees) which will not work.
-Visually check the pins on the 9 Pin connector on the other end of the brick. This stuff is old enough that damaged cables and connectors are fairly common.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 1/18/2013 8:34 AM, Clay Carley wrote:
Hi Rob (and everybody),

Thanks for that link; I had found other documentation but not that
particular one yet.

I was able to get the console connected, and although I believe I did
the connection and configuration correctly, this is still my first time
working on this type of hardware. In any case, I still saw nothing on
screen but a cursor on the top right.

The 3476 is set to address 0
One side of the twinax splitter is plugged into port 0 on the 4-port
twinax brick (does the other side need a terminator?)
I used a balun on the splitter, connected to a cat-5 cable (tested,
works) to a balun on the 4-port twinax brick.

I'll be working on troubleshooting the failed device; please tell me
though if my console connection is incorrect.

I very much appreciate the assistance so far,
Clay Carley

On 01/17/2013 07:54 AM, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I humble and prostrate myself in front of the likes of DrFranken and his
ilk but I do not believe that opening the machine will aid you in
determining which drive is bad - other than an obvious bullet hole through
the drive. Or horrific screeching sound indicated by heads dragging on
A 675A error is part of the "I/O Processor and I/O Adapter Reference
Codes". That page says that the 3200 indicates "A tape/CD or disk device
reported a failure" and references these next steps: FI01105, STORIOA,
IOP, MEDIA. These, I believe, qualify as "Symbolic FRUs", (except for the
FI01105). But basically drilling around may have you go through Problem
Isolation Procedures (PIP) to determine the failing unit. For example
“SDIOP-PIP16” on page 311.

Rob Berendt

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