Yes you can recover from your tapes. Contact me off line if you want to prove it.

Shared media in this case is a bit of a misnomer. All this is saying is if you have the BRMS networking set up, this media class can be used by any of the machines on the network (shared scratch tape pool). If you look a bit further you'll find that it also is referring to virtual tape, to wit (V5R4 system)

Shared Media - Help
This media class cannot be shared by multiple systems.
This is the only valid value when the media class uses
a virtual density (*VRT32K *VRT64K *VRT240K *VRT256K).

V7 adds *VRTUDF to the help text.

Since you are using real media, not virtual, the back ups are fine.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 12/27/2012 8:23 AM, Jeff Crosby wrote:

I stumbled across this on page 127 of "Backup, Recovery, and Media Services
for i"

"A backup control group with the *SAVSYS special value must specify *NO in
the Shared media field of the media class."

The media class I use is ULTRIUM2, which has Shared media *YES. Is this
telling me the backups I have been doing for 7+ years with BRMS are not
usable to recover the system?

The tape drives are 3581-028 used in library mode.


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