Maybe by then we'll have the iSCSI Cerebral interface with the John Kleese voice :-)

Might go something like this:

Hello Dave, Would you like me to submit that job for you............

Yes John please.......

Thank you and have a nice day. .......

Uh-oh Dave. We have an abnormal termination. Shall I abort the mission......

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message: 6
date: Thu, 6 Dec 2012 16:45:35 +0000
from: Pete Massiello - ML <pmassiello-ml@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
subject: IBM i Support till 2026

I didn't see anything on midrange-L, but I thought I would send out a note to everyone so that people are aware of this in the community.

Last week during my trip to IBM Rochester, I sent a tweet (my Twitter ID is petem59) out on twitter after Steve Will (Chief Architect IBM i) posted a chart about 3 more releases of IBM I , with support reaching out to about 2026. That caused quite a stir on Twitter, and all the magazines picked up on it as well. I thought it would be good to post here on M-L, so that everyone sees that IBM has 3 more releases currently planned for IBM i (they don't plan further than that, so don't read anything negative into that), and that they are currently working on IBM i Next, and IBM i Next +1, in the lab as we speak. This plus all the work they are doing with the next few technology refreshes to continue to bring new features and functionality to the product. There are great things coming on the horizon, sorry I can only discuss what isn't on my NDAs. Of course, as Steve said the charts were approximations, but really at 14 years out, even if they are off by 1 or 2 years off in ei
ther direction, that is great news for IBM i customers.

In addition, I am currently part of the beta team on IBM Navigator for i, and If you are currently using this product, you will want to jump on the next HTTP group PTF that comes out around December 15, because this new version is amazing. Really great UI improvements.

I think it is pretty exciting news, and certainly dispels the myth that the IBM i is going away.


Pete Massiello
iTech Solutions

IBM Power Systems Champion

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